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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Any Ordinary Morning.

Camille returned to preschool today. She hasn't been since December 12th and being away from her normal routine flips her upside down. Last night, we talked about how she loves her teachers and friends, and how she would have fun, just as before. She went about her morning the usual way until after breakfast, which meant getting dressed and leaving for school. Then her gag reflex began to stir. Several times she stood over the toilet and I reassured her that her tummy felt queasy because she was nervous. No vomiting yet! Camille has been a projectile puker since she was a 5 lb 11 ouncer. I know the signs and situations now and can try to stave it off. Well, we did until I opened her car door at school. Most of it landed outside, except for splatters on the door and my red wool shoes. I mention my red shoes because these are my winter shoes (yeah, I'm a bit Mr. Rogerish) and as I was relaying our morning to my husband, red vomit stained shoes came flashing back from last winter when Camille once again was nervous. That was just the beginning. She jumped out and the vomiting continued. Today was the day I happened to get a parking spot right up front, and as my daughter was wretching away, the principal was chatting away right outside. I wiped her up and off we went to her first day back at preschool.


franciebugs said...

Yikes! I'm definitely counting my blessings...sounds like a crazy day. You're super mom though, so I'm sure you handled it like I pro, but I feel for you!

genevieve said...

You take the cake for the first day back. I can't believe how well you handle the puking. I would have just called it quits and called it a day. Good for you!

Cheri said...

Oh, Michelle! I love it. Don't you love it? I can commiserate as Greta, Ingrid and I were grocery shopping when Greta (no warning)puked in aisle 4! Ingrid doesn't do well with that business so I sent her off to deli to get napkins, meanwhile trying to help G and flag down store employee. To top all off, other shoppers were WALKING THRU the puddle even as G was still adding to it like no big whoop!? I had puke on wool shoes too. Only they are green, not red!
Your blogs are great, your kids are adorably adorable and they're parents are pretty cute too. Thanks for sharing!