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Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Great to be 8!

Brett, Camille, and Gabe at Camille's Baptism!

Dads have such an important bonding role in this day!

Grandpa and Camille!


IT'S GREAT TO BE 8 on a cake!
                                                       Picture board of my Beautiful Babe! 
                 Camille, the Spirit illuminated the cozy Primary room and the fire was felt!   
               There was much to be said but I wrote it in your journal because it was so personal and important.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what was said in two thousand and ... eleven

we were all in camille's bed listening to each other's heart and gabe says, "everyone's heart in this bed is beating." well said.
Nov. 16, 2011

my son is making me little sandwiches out of a variety of stale crackers and feeding them to me which basically requires sticking his entire dirt-filled hand into my mouth. awesome!
Nov. 4, 2011

is it bad that your kid is wearing your dead dog's collar, especially when she never wore it?
Oct. 24, 2011

my son was playing the guitar and said, you can call me victor.
before bed we were hanging out and he showed me a picture and said, "i drew uncle alan as a crab." it was pretty good, too. he always makes me smile.
Oct. 17, 2011

"mom, camille let me use one of her index cards but i messed up making a stop sign that means 'no girls allowed,' but if it is in the middle of the night, you can come in if you want." gabe is willing to take the supplies from a girl and let one in to help him, if it is dark!
Oct. 6, 2011

tonight at bedtime i was telling gabe that shutup is not a kind thing to say and that i love you is. he then said "i hope you don't die" (totally serious) is a kind thing to say. he is a bit obsessed with death lately.
Sept. 25, 2011

so we are eating breakfast and i hear my son say "you smell beautiful." i said, what? he said i tell the girl spiders in the hole that, because they can't hear me. i started to remodel the kitchen, oh, how many years ago and took off the trim and ripped out the vents. my husband is like, it is far better to have a hole to fall in than a rusty vent. well, those spiders are loved.
Sept. 23, 2011

gabe: mom, will there be food in heaven?

me: yes

gabe: will you and dad die at the same time?

me: probably not

gabe: will we run out of food when you die?

me: no, you will be an adult (then I thought, he could be a kid still)

gabe: if you die, me and camille don’t have anyone’s number.

this is what is on my 5 yr. old’s mind at 9:30 in the morn
Sept. 22, 2011

thank you for the birthday wishes! i really know how to pick amazingfriends. cheers to a lifetime and beyond of awesome friends and my son just made me a birthday lunch which was pretty terrific for a 5 yr.
Sept. 16, 2011

it's awesome that my son just used the sponge I use to wash the dishes to wash his armpits!
Sept. 6, 2011

camille's vision get together went well and we actually heard her say she is excited which made our hearts leap.  gabe on the other hand got jacked and began throwing rocks.  i am not sure how this kinder thing is going to work out for him.  he can't really handle massive amounts of people and activity.  visiting mr. k. on the first day of school-a major possibility.  i am still clinging to summer nights, laying and playing our i love you more than game with them.                                                                                                                                                  
Aug, 29, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday (tomorrow) to my boy, who really wanted me to take that heli ride! Thanks for joining me in this life! Love you.                                                                               
Aug.6, 2011

i told camille how i need to get to the gym. i haven't exactly been on a schedule.  she said not to worry cause i it's not like i am a fat monster.  in fact i am not a monster at all.  okay then.  thanks.                                                                                                                                                   
July 26, 2011

i love how my kids have this band in a van that is really a shed. they rock!                               
July 23, 2011

my son's cleaning the toilet while we are listening to who says.  next time brett goes to sync his ipod, selena gomez will be along for the ride.
June 11, 2011

my son is like a 12 month old puppy.  it was so fun that he was vigorously jumping all over me, wrapping himself around my legs, shaking the chair, bumping into equipment in use, while his sister was in the dentist chair.  he is almost 5.  i think i have been tired his entire life.                                                                    
June 9, 2011

somehow camille convinced gabe that she bought the garage sale bear with her piggy bank money.  he told me that she went to buy it and said, "i need your money," so to gabe it was her money, even though it came from his piggy.  what a bro.
May 20, 2011

my daughter is never short on creating resources: she didn't have a jump rope so she cut the wire off of an old phone to use.  nice.
Mar 27, 2011

hey gabe-"wanna do a fashion show with our man purses?"                                                               
(this is what camille said.  she made a duct tape wallet at school and then made gabe one)!              
February 18, 2011

gabe keeps telling me he loves me under the earth. hmm....
February 15, 2011