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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock-A-Bye Stinky...

We have a new song that Brett sings to the kiddos at bedtime. It has been adapted from Rock-A-Bye Baby. This is actually our second rendition of the original song. Yea, this is getting complicated.
It goes Rock-a-bye (Gabey or child's name) in Daddy's arms. I hate to tell you, you smell like a farm. You are so gross and stinky too, so what I am trying to say is you smell like (animal of choice) poo. The laughs just roll out from Camille and Gabe when Brett sings these sweet lullabies. Classic.

Friday, August 21, 2009

An Alaskan Collage.

What follows are laughter and smiles, happy moments captured, so we can return.

We are setting sail from Seattle on our journey to Alaska.

Mitchell plus splashing equals pure fun.

This one speaks for itself.

Hailey, Gabe, and Camille
Hailey has such a contagious smile (like hey, I totally want you to be contagious, pass it on.)
T.J. made Gabe laugh so hard he almost fell over.

We are at Glacier Bay, but instead of gazing at the glacier he keeps saying "I see you," while looking through the binoculars backwards.

Camille, Dad, Gabe, and a magnificent glacier.

Mom and Dad through Camille's eyes.

Caleb and Gabe on the hike to Mendenhall Glacier Waterfalls. Caleb carried Gabe on his shoulders the entire way plus Gabe got to sport Caleb's hat. He thought that was so cool.
Can it be true? I really liked these photos because of the huge laughs. The polaroid cut off Brett's grin, but you can see it in the jaw.
The skipping begins.

She could stay searching these rocks all day.

My little guy.
Us and the falls.

A series of spaz.

Camille and Braxton are so dang cute!

Yes, we hiked the steep Deer Mountain in Ketchikan. We made it a whole 1/4 of a mile. There is so much more to this though.

Brett loving Sitka with all of its Russian history. Here's to Sitka with a pucker.

Who can resist a chef's hat?

A hybrid VW Bus, need I say more?