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Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Things and Finds in 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup:

G&G watched the kids one Saturday so we could scavenge antique stores. Our stomachs started calling for something hot in this moss-filled November. Our minds turned to soup and thought we would check out the out the deli dept. at the Safeway we saw earlier in Lynden. We entered and chicken noodle soup started sending steam in the shape of ocean waves our way. It was quite the welcome. We got the biggest container to share and grabbed its' oyster companion crackers. We love this soup. We even got one more container! We spent most of our alone time sitting in Safeway at a table savoring soup. It was perfect.

Library Cards:

Camille turned 6 and was able to get her own library card at the Burlington Library. She was beaming with joy at the opportunity to find and check out books on her own without mom or dad. Pure bliss. She checked out many "Nate the Great" books, as well as "There is a Bird on my Head," and "Fly High, Fly Guy."

Ahh, the world in her hands.

"Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson:

This book was written in 2006 but I finally read it this summer. I found love in this book. It really helped me to understand more about lives in Afghanistan and Pakistan and fuel the interest I have in our (The United States') relationship with these countries. I am grateful for this.

Ucluelet/Tofino, BC:

Brett and I found our way to Tofino (which is on Vancouver Island in Canada) when we were just two. This past March we returned with our children, snow and all. There are numerous gorgeous beaches. I read in the magazine "Seattle" that the surfing parallels surfing in Hawaii. As we explored the terrain, we flew kites, identified various shells, basked between sun-salted driftwood with eleven eagles overhead, took shelter in old growth rainforests (we stayed dry for seconds in between being out on the open coast but it is called a rainforest for a reason and we loved being drizzly) and yes there were surfers, in March, the day after snow, but the sun was so big and bright. It was brilliant.

Apple Pie Larabar:

I live off of these. They really do taste just like apple pie but they are good for you. I am usually walking around with one in my pocket.

My children singing:

I love to feel the spirit at church when I am covered by the songs of children. I literally feel like I am wrapped in my grandmother's quilt. I am completely happy and filled with hope when my daughter belts out songs. My son is always singing. He creates the songs that make me laugh and laughter makes a gray day seem manageable.

Masterpeice Theatre's "Jane Eyre:"

I love this rendition of Jane Eyre in the film. It takes several evenings to watch and I looked forward to re-joining these characters all day long!

Gratitude Lists:

In November, we wrote lists of things we are grateful for and below is Camille and her list.

The list says: Mom and Dad, bed, warm clothes, Grandma and Grandpa, friends, Gabe. She added purse later on when we found a really cool orange crocheted purse at a craft fair.