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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Vomit Chronicles: In Flight

We are seated in the back (that wording almost makes it seem like someone pleasantly seats us in a quaint corner for a lovely dining experience) but no, we are seated dead last in a permenant upright position, directly in front of and next to the bathrooms of the gigantic plane.  We are still on Florida time, which would make it 11:30 p.m, when we begin our flight home to Seattle.  Around 11:00 p.m. Camille wakes up (we had a late for us dinner consisting of airport Mexican) and starts with the dreaded cough that stirs the stomach and always leads quickly to regurgitation.  We frantically search for puke bags and manage to get one to her mouth before the first blow.

Right at that moment, Gabe awakes and begins to scream exhausted, disoriented kid screams.  His legs hurl forward into the seat in front of him with extreme force several times.  I try to calm him and 15 minutes on a sleeping plane feels like holding my breath under water.  I pull him onto my lap and he says my legs hurt, my legs are in pain.  I realize from nothing other than wetness transferring to my legs that his pants are bodily soaked.  We go to the bathroom and he is still living in somebody else's existence.  Screams continue to greet me as we hull up in there. When we finally emerge, Gabe has woken most of the plane who have congregated outside in need of the bathroom as well.

Luckily, we had some shorts, shorts that would freeze Gabe out the entire flight.  During bathroom time, Camille filled up two bags with vomit which was given to me to hold while Gabe has all of my warmth draped on him.  I am left cold and tired, holding overflowing vomit bags while Brett, Camille, and Gabe return to sleep.     

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

                                  The Arrival.  Yep, we have been up since 3 in the morn. 
                      Gabe dotted his legs with a black marker because he wanted to be a cow
                                          and "our place doesn't have a cow costume."
The Jump.
                                                           Flying with Dumbo.

                                                               Mickey Ears!
Gotta spin in a teacup!
                                                        Rockin' the lightening rods!
                                                             Camille and Minnie.
                             Camille, Gabe, and some other family with Jesse and Woody!                                
We jumped on the autograph bandwagon later in the day.  We found out Jesse and Woody were going to be signing for 20 more minutes.  Brett and Camille ran from the other side of the World and I ran, carrying Gabe from the other, other side of the World.  This is the shot we got. 
                                                Who wouldn't want to live in a castle?
                       Camille met the princesses close to midnight!  She loved each minute. 
              She said they must be real because they spoke and acted just like real princesses. 

                                                           Grape Otter Pop!
Gabe would fill up his bucket with warm water and dump it on our feet in the role of Dr. Blueberry. 
I wanted him to do my other foot but he said that Dr. Blueberry only does one foot. 
                                                            Scorched frog. 

      Gabe getting into character when "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns and Roses started playing,
which was so appropriate since going to the outlet mall on a cloudy day was worse than DisneyWorld. 
Brett needed footies to try on tennis shoes, so Gabe decided he needed some too.  
This could be the next BIG fashion trend.
                                  This shirt says it all.  Giving a shout out to my homies.
                              You know who you are and you will NOT be messed with!
I love this Father/Daughter moment.

                                                          Smores and Singing.
                                                          The Bite!  Well, one of many. 
                                           I so want to be that Smore right now!
 Just Dance 2!  I walked into the Activity Center to witness this spectacle.  Brett and I were laughing so hard because he was like, "How is she doing that well? What is she doing to get that good of a score?" and then we found out it was his score.  A little while later the Activity Coordinator leaned out and said Loss Prevention just called and are asking, "Who is that guy?"  Apparently, they had been watching and being plenty entertained!  What he won't do for his daughter. 

                My Everything.                        

   You could tell we were at the George Bush Airport in Houston because these words were blaring over the loudspeaker, "If you make jokes about dangerous items and Homeland Security, you will be arrested."  Florida, thanks for having us.