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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Tale of my Jumping Bean...for Camille

The Audition:
Monday, Feb. 8th 3:15-6:00:

Different tasks the directors asked you to do:
Line up from tallest to shortest, in a square around half of the gym.
Say your name and age like you just won a trip to Disneyland.
Second time, like that trip was taken away and you are mad.You say your name and age, loud and clear, extend your right leg forward and stomp that foot, hands on your jeaned hips with angst.

To see if you can follow directions, Ebe has the kindies play Simon Says. He also has you pretend a butterfly is fluttering by and when you reach out, it lands on your finger and whispers to you its name.

1,2,3,4 march in place, 1,2,3,4 forward, 1,2,3,4 circle to the left, 360, then 1,2,3,4 back with an arms out HEY! The oldest kids begin and this sequence moves around the square to the youngest. I thought they wouldn't ask the kindies to do that! They did.

Sing it sister: Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. . .

The Finale:
Be a mime and steal a monster cookie from the jar. Tiptoe slowly out into the middle of the square, climb high to reach the lid, steal the cookie, and get back without being noticed.

You amaze me. In September, at the beginning of school, I would have never pictured you out there stomping and singing in FRONT of 77 kids, parents, teachers, and directors!

You make the cast! Your name is called and BEAN is the part given.
The Schedule:
Wed. 3:15-5:45 (more like 6)
Thurs: 3:15-5:45
Fri: 3:15-5:45
Saturday Showtime:
Rehearsal begins at 10 a.m. and the performances will be at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Tuesday evening: Camille says "I must be a bean who jumps while singing Row, row, row your boat" in anticipation of what her part will actually do based on the audition.

Wednesday, first day of rehearsal:
The beans learn their parts with Jesse. He arranges you in your bean order and you are sandwiched second to last (at different times second) in front of Liam and behind Brianna, both first graders. The first skit is titled the Bean Ballet and the second the Crazy Bean Dance. I am so glad I had the opportunity to observe you today. I am flooded with happiness when I see your eyes observing and your body moving. I love how expressive you are when Jack says show me your jump, beans, with a 1,2,3 vomanos! The beans retaliate with a fierce urgghh. During the second skit you land a bean solo act with Jack's mother. You stick your thumbs in your ears and thrust out that tongue in total defiance with a raspberry. Love it!

The beans join the rest of the cast and perform the parts they just learned.

Thursday afternoon rehearsal:
The beans are with everyone today and the entire cast goes through the play from the tippity top to the very last drop. . .of (words). i video some bean moments.

Getting ready to perform. Grab your sombrero, beans! You are pretending for now.

The beans are scared of Jack's mother. Hide under your sombrero!

Friday afternoon rehearsal:
Today's rehearsal is at the Sedro Woolley Highschool Auditorium where the play will be held. NO PARENTS ALLOWED! I do love watching you but that will have to wait until the show. Dad and I did sneak back early and grab a seat, arriving just as the beans perform their second act and in time to see you spit your heart out.

The BIG Day!
Arrival time: 10 a.m:
You are nervous and I am glad the small red bucket still rides with us. It holds the morning's oatmeal. I am worried for your stomach and the spaghetti that will fill it in between shows, but you are perfectly fine once entering the building.

I return around noon to bring you lunch. A sign at the entrance says Cast and Crew Only. Gabe and I walk down the halls and up the stairs Mom used to roam. The place where you get ready and wait before going onstage is called the Little Theater and when I was in Highschool was the only stage we had. I open a door closer to the stage and peek around the corner and am lucky to spy the beans in their costumes practicing.

2:00 show:
Grandma and I come at 1:00 and nab the first two rows! You have 16 fans to cheer you on! I find you right before the curtains go up to tell you we love you and to have fun. You are so tired and your eyes seem to be infected. This has been emotionally draining for you. You take it all so seriously. Who else would you be if you didn't?

Waiting in the Little Theater for your big debut!

I was glad I was able to be with you backstage for the 6 0'clock show. You do most things with a vicious seriousness and this picture captures this. You are exhausted yet you sit so very still.

The beans color while waiting...
Silliness occurs after the show during picture time!

I never got a picture with your sombrero, but there are the videos.

Back in the Little Theater you receive flowers from your fans! Thanks Ethan, Hayden, and Keaton!After the final show, cake is served and Jack and the Beanstalk shirts are signed. You had a memorable week!