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Monday, November 26, 2012

lion man

the very first tooth!
i was trying to have you show me the "gap" with a smile
so it ended up like this.   
                                                  there it is! 
i stared at you (you know how you just stare with all of those intense emotions at your child) in the rearview mirror over the river on the green bridge (yes, i should be looking forward) to clear lake.  i love this everyday drive to gaze in awe at the beauty of the northwest and the beauty of my children. i got teary-eyed thinking how you are so handsome and becoming a sweet, little man. 

1 comment:

franciebugs said...

you get ME teary eyed michelle! what a handsome little man Gabe is turning out to be - he has always been a cutie but he is looking so much older these days and A LOT like Brett - which is good for him cause Brett is a handsome man. We sure do miss u guys!! hope to see u at the xmas party!!!