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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is something if you Give it away...

Sunday morning I read an article from the Huffington Post that a friend shared.  It was an excerpt from a book about a family in Atlanta that sold their home and gave half of what they owned to the Hunger Project.  The family's action was inspired by their 14 year old daughter who wanted to close the GAP between the haves and the have-nots when one day at a familiar intersection close to her house, was literally caught between the sparkle of a black mercedes and a homeless man who "lived" there.  This non-fiction tale is firing from my neurons. 

My thoughts then turned to Jesus' life on earth as a human. The day before I was randomly talking to Brett about how if I were half-God, half-human it would be easy to choose to come to earth and live without "material," that I could use my power to overcome the flesh.  My husband pointed out that because He was the son of God, it would be the most difficult knowing He could halt those who sought to hurt Him, and that He could live lavishly.  He chose to breathe humility and I think He knew it was the absolute WAY to be.  During the discussion it quickly became evident that I couldn't choose to give my life up cruelly for everyone who would ever exist in earth's space. What could I do? 

This article is a continuation of yesterday's thoughts.  I was thinking about how Jesus lived as a physical man, yet he didn't have a home, a stationary place of comfort, where he felt safe, like we as humans need.  I thought about "stuff," the stuff we collect and acquire for endless reasons that usually have to do with some malfunction in us, in society.  I pictured Jesus wearing one "outfit."  He probably carried a bed-roll and a thin blanket that He placed on the ground inside or out.  He placed his needs aside permanently.  That is why He went alone into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, so He could overcome his human needs.  I, again, do not have the mental strength to allow myself to be fully exposed as He did.  What I can do is follow His direction, step onto that path of humility and awareness of Everything Other than me.   

I researched this family's message further and they said that not everyone can downsize and give half of it away but they can give half of their clothes away or ....  I am open to ideas being the minimalist that I am.

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franciebugs said...

Michelle - I'm right there with you sister! I often have similar thoughts - and the thing that comorts me is knowing that if I am fullfilling my calling as a mother then I am giving half of myself, if not ALL of myself, EVERY DAY. BUT, I do think that I can do more... maybe a soup kitchen, volunteering 1x per month? Something.